Sora Weekend Brunch
Served 9am ot 11:30pm

Kinche   $6.95
Ethiopian Style Oatmeal - made from cracked wheat, and served with mitmita, Qibe (herbal butter) or Olive oil.
      Foul $8.95
Foul Beselesi $9.95            Foul W/Egg $10.95
 Fava beans cooked to perfection and garnish with green onions, diced tomato, jalapeno and your choice of Ethiopian herbal butter or olive oil; served with Yogurt and toasted White or Wheat Bread.

♦  Dullet   $8.95
Breakfast size Diced lean Beef, Lamb tripe, Lamb liver, onions, jalapeno lightly sautéed with Ethiopian herbal butter Seasoned with mitimita and cardamom.

Qwanta Fir-Fir $8.95
Breakfast size homemade Beef Jerky in Spicy or non spicy butter sauce mixed with injera.

Kita Fir-fir (Chechebsa) $9.95
Small pieces Kita (Ethiopian Pan Fried bread mixed with berbere, Qibe (herbal butter) or Olive oil.

Scrambled Egg $8.95
Scrambled Egg Beselesi $9.95 
Two eggs with tomatoes, onions, and jalapeno peppers served with injera or toasted white or wheat bread.

Scrambled Steak & Egg $10.95
Three eggs scrambled with chopped beef, tomatoes, onions, 
jalapeno peppers served with injera or toasted white or wheat bread.

Breakfast Combo I $21.95
(Kinche, ♦ Dullet & Qwanta Fir-Fir)

     Breakfast Combo II $19.95
 (Kinche, Scrambled Egg & Qwanta Fir-Fir)

Breakfast Combo III $21.95
(Scrambled Egg, ♦ Dullet & Qwanta Fir-Fir)

Breakfast Combo IV $20.95
(Kita Fir-Fir Chechebsa, Scrambled Egg &  Kinche)

♦  Contain (or may contain) raw or undercooked ingredients. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness especially if you have certain medical conditions.

     Sora Ethiopian Café is catering the Washington DC area with authentic Ethiopian cuisine! 

Having a party or  event and need some help cooking? Well let Sora Ethiopian Café showcase some of the best Ethiopian  cuisine, homemade from scratch using the finest ingredients to your table by letting us cater. Our full (yet flexible) catering menus will enhance your special event, and we promise our catering service will be impressive and memorable to all your guests.  

Call as today at 703-566-3855 to plan your catering needs.   

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